OSSC Prediction League Results

A huge thank you to everyone who played our annual Prediction League fundraiser, and to members and friends who sold entry sheets to support Ollerton Stags.
The winner was Kevin Wilkinson with 11 points whose cheque for £100 is on it's way!
Full results are below...

11 Kevin Wilkinson

12 Kenny Anderson, Ryan Smith, Colin Sharpe

13 Will Gittins

14 Gary Launders

15 Zac Simpson

16 Jo Sharpe

17 Martin Moore, Ian Kirkham, John Capill

18 Lee Thompson, Gary Carby, Mark Reid

19 Steve Freeman, Phil Coleman, Antony Buxton

20 Darren Carter, Stuart Hill, Keith Underhill, Scott Hannant, John Waterhouse, Clive Daniel

21 James Kidger, Nathan Hadley, Kev Higton, Phil Lane

22 Vol Ranger, Dave Bullock, J Chapman, Ruth Roe, Andrew Walters

23 Graham Bridges, M Hollis, Mark Yates, A Wiseman, P Wood, Adam Whitworth, Mark Shaw, Corey Singleton

24 Paul Watkins, Kevin Naylor, Peter Wright, Danny Simpson, Andrew McIlmoyle, James Whitehurst, Joanne Dove, Laura Pickering, Andy Cornell

25 Russell Lemon, Brian Parry, Jason Needham, Ray Kirkland-Hardstaffe, Jonathan Redfearn, Andy Simpson, Stephen Brown, Simon Caine, Dave Roske, Paul Nyland, Philip John Sims

26 Steven Webster, Kelly Scully, Richard Sharp, John Paling, Andy Martin, Martin Howard, Andrew Woolven, Barry Thompson, Jake Allsop, Br-ian, Richard Smith, Jason Thomson, Peter Walmsley, Carl Yeo, Dale Cornell

27 S Edwardson, Joe Hodges, Stephen Roe, D M Millitt, Philip Moult, Rachel Thorman, Luke Hawes, Carl Tyers, Mark Taylor, Tate, Jack Richardson, James Weaver, David Sankey, Pem, Mad Mick, Aaron May

28 Ian Emery, Sean Revill, Chris John-Baptiste, Andy Blagg, Aaron Rhodes, Alan Belcher, Skiddy, Danny Bonser, Ian Cooke

29 Walter Parr, Julian Smith, Peter Hall, Paul Brewer, Jeff (c/o Pet), Marc Bough, Keith Heaviside, Dave Buttery, Lauren Bakunowicz, Ryan Brooks, Norman Black

30 R Webster, Mark Simpson, Paul Marshall, Rob Waite, Spen, Ian Woolven, Pete Kowalenko, Martin Hopkinson, John Thompson, Geoff Schwarz, Mick Cassidy, Amy Woodward, Michael Jarvis, Jason Gittins

31 Gary Kirk, Kevin O'Keeffe, G & Dragon Stags, R Webster, Peter Bakunowicz, Steve Key, Greg Mellors, Marian Crawford, Derek Stephenson, Rob Ryan, Nicola Revill, Dean Roebuck, Tunney Else, Sol (c/o Pet), Peter Danby, Gary Carby, John Leach, Nigel Kilby, Andy Lawson

32 Neil Hart, Philip Canning, Andy Johnson, John Harris, Dave McCallum, No name (1), Tony Cantrell, Harry Clarke, Kev Bonser, David Burrows, Garry Hudson, Phil Jones, Paul Brooks, John Leivers, Ashley Meehan, Ian Allcroft, Jessica Pearce

33 Phil Lane, Darren Shaw, Sean Revill, Mick Williams, Paul Garrard, Sean Goodwin, Greg Taylor, Ron Havelock, Dene Potter, Kaden Needham, Adrian Wood, Steve Murphy, R Walton, N Pinnick, Matt Berresford, Ian Place, Jace, Alan Dawes, Zack Walters, Mark Bradley, Keith Spencer, Peter Ball, Ann Wilkinson, Keith Glasby, Ross Burton, Dave Harmsworth, Ian Yates, Elaine Pearce

34 David Moorhouse, Gwilym Williams, Alan Morton, Sean Revill, Mushy, Chesterfield Reds, Craig Norwood, Steve Lound, Brian Thirlwell, Danny Percival, David Fox, Alec Holland, Gary Tyers, Joshua Keeling, Andy Cartwright, Steve Methven

35 Kelsay Higton, Paul Ford, Tracey Cann, Alan Turnbull, David Lawry, Jazz, Richard Sharp, Last of the summer wine crew, Phil Strouther, Howard Richardson, Steve Bradbury, Jake Allsop, Lee Raynham, Dave Naylor, Liam Needham, Simon Freestone, Mick Cooper, Jonathon Walmsley, Sean Revill, Dave Cooke, Philip John Sims, Adam Jenkins, Chris Kennell, Tom Sharpe, Aiden Harris

36 Liz Franks, Paul Newell-Price, Gary Kirk, Paul Owens, Richard Wolden, Jez Walker, Paul Wilson, Jez Chapman, Geoff Rowe, Dominic Boath, Paul Whitehead, Gary Bridges, Colin Paul Burton, Paul Hale, Kirsty Heslin, Matt Stamp, Wendy Wheat, Joan Noble, Chris Radford, Ann Kennell

37 Andy Hillman, Alan Marsh, Joe Oyitch, Keiran Coupe, Paige Webb, Lorenzo Kirkland, Tim Smith, Dave Haynes, Alan Redrup, Jace, Shaun Lambert, Liam Gill, P A Whitehowe, Alan Rudkin, Bill He's Here Now, Josh Sinclair, William Parr, Don Budge, Tom Proctor, P Roebuck

38 Clive Whittingham, Sean O'Farreh, David Powell, John Williams, Dave Buttery, Mark Beard, Steve Webster, Dave Harris, Luke Atkinson, Ryan Strouther, Andy Cartwright, Sam Jordan, Ruth McCarty, Elaine Howe, Mick Bowman, Jason Parr, D Sterland, Ian Gillies

39 Dave Stamp, Robert Butts, Martin Smith, Rob Bloodworth, Sylvia Stephenson, John Jordan,
R Dove, John Ellis, Billy Breen, David Barrett, Phil Stamp, Mick Stamp, Gary Tyers, Ian Grindle, Ian Dudley, Martyn Paylor, Matthew Riley, David Hilton, Megan Brentnall, Iris Noble, Neale Rowley, Theresa Huddart

40 John Hulkza, Steve & David Ellis, Elliott Buxton, Shippo, Darren Carter, D Froggatt, Osian Williams, Mark Maggi, Mrs Bakunowicz, Jack Forrest, Evans (c/o J Dove), Lawrence Jordan, John Glover, Leanne Gravil, Chris Lyne, Alan Redrup, Nigel Davis, Sean O' Rogan, Nigel Garland, D Hackett, G Brentnall

41 Sarah Canning, Claire Canning, Geoff Palmer, George Gill, Ady Longmate, Staffy, G Slaney, Dave Harris, Josh Hickling, Jordan Keeton, Terry O'Hare, Ken Brown, Les Brown, Leanne Gravil, Alan Redrup, Jace, Andy Devonport, Jamie Bearder, Peter Shorthouse

42 Matt Taylor, Daz Carter, Neal Matthews, David Matthews, Stephen Rollinson, Paul Watkins, Gerry McEleny, Angela Jones, Neale Rowley, Steve Bowley, Steve Bowley

43 Colin Speller, John Vardy, Dave Buttery, Steve Abbott, M J Cook, Cindi Harris, Ken Edgson, Pet Bancroft, Al Hall, Mick Bowman (snr), Lauren Bartle, Keiran Dove, Tracey Needham, Les Brown, Graham Heath, Lily Smith, D Ellis, G Brentnall, Andy Pearce, Leonna Walters

44 Matt Allan, Neil McLafferty, Karl Burrows, Pete Henshaw, Matthew Pickering, George Atkinson, Steve Carter, Alex Cartwright, Darren Town, Alan Moore, Tom McGowan

45 Alan Simpson, Chris John-Baptiste, Paul Fenwick, Jonathan Tilley, Chick (c/o Pet), Colin Bullimore, Kirstie (c/o Pet), Michael Chambers, Adrian Sullivan, Ian West, Stephen Woolley, Terry Powell, Ian Noble, Marie Rodgers, Phil Walmsley, Iris Cartwright

46 Rick Woffinden, Michael Dermshire, Andy Davey, Alan J Wetton, Jill Dooley, White Hart Syndicate, Steve Wilmot, Richard Wardle, Andy Davey, Neil Barlow

47 George Carter, Rob Lilley, Trevor Haslam, Jonathan Roe, Mick Ramsdale, Barrie Maltby, D Galazka, Jim Smith, Tom Sharp

48 Peter Harrison, Chris Thorn, Ralph Robson, Marcus Atherson, Gary Bridges, A W Pollard, Peter Buckmaster, Collette Walton, Danny Milnes, Dave Allen

49 Jane Stead, Indie Carter, John Partlow, Paul Pitchford, Watchy (c/o Pet), Kiera Lowe

50 Brian Broughton, David Lymn, Shep Godfrey, Andy Saunders, Pet Bancroft, Chris Phelan, John Dove, Dave Howe, Jonathan Hillier, Tony Haywood, Joe Brocklehurst, Paul Amos

51 Jack Smith, Shane Matthews, Wendy Wiseman, Kev Shelbourne, Philip Canning, Jace, Alan Thompson (Tomo), Dan Gillies, Dave Farr

52 D Leavesley, Marcus Berridge, Craig Gravil, Tom Jordan, Ian Vallance

53 Mr B, Paul McLafferty, John M (c/o I Noble), Andy Golder, Tony Melton, Val Haslam, Denise Walmsley

54 Andy Taylor, Steve Walker, Alan Webster, Chris Peach, Paul Renshaw, Philip Canning, Kirsty Willetts, Andrew Holmes, Jayne Clarkson, Alison Brocklehurst, Darren Kennell, Nicola Walters

55 Matt Slater, Manch, Cockney John, Pete Weir, Rabbit Shaw, Errol Golder, S Walmsley

56 Garry Childs, Bina (c/o I Noble), Trev Hitchcock, George (c/o Pet), Griff NFFC, Rambo CVH, Keith Parr, Jack Savage

57 Tracy Knowles, Chris Hitchcock, Ian Tyndall, Vicky Gittins, Lewis Howe

58 Ian Walters, A T Fretwell, R Mills, Elaine Wharmby, Sam Clarkson, Jon Russell

59 Simon (c/o Pet), Kerry Howard, Gary Pringle, Shirley Nugal

60 Matthew Smith

61 Iaian Stafford, Richard Bradley, M G Leivers, Jennie Stamp, Steve Hemp, Angie Danby, V Charlton

62 Lee Matthews, Shane Hague, Geff Tucker, Taxi (c/o Pet)

63 Col Brooks, Mark Blackmore, Buster (c/o Pet), Ally Pheland, Elaine Howe, Noah Szczesny, Tim Goodwin, Lauren Clarkson, Julie Wilmot

64 Chris Bailey, Sue Williams

66 Vince Howard

67 Kev Higton, No Name (2),

68 Ryan Butts, Michael Morris, N Wilmot

69 John Carlisle

70 D Collier, Mick Haslam, Sri Chary

71 Shannon Butts, Elaine Brooks, Bethan Williams

72 Diddy Wilson, Michael Lilliman

73 Sean Reeves

74 Alan Thorney

75 Laura Redrup

76 Charlotte Huddart, Ian McGinley

77 Jo Turner

79 Paul O'Breen

81 Ben Jordan, The General (c/o Pet)

85 Alan & Aiden, Ruth (c/o I Noble)

2016 / 17 Prediction League forms will be available from the Committee shortly.
You've got to be in it to win it! Good Luck!


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