Prediction league 2019/20 results & 2020/21 entry form

Prediction league 2019/20 results & 2020/21 entry form:

The Prediction League entries have recently been marked, following the conclusion of the season for the Championship and Premier League sides. Simon Hickling was this year’s winner on the tie break, as two people finished on 13 points.

A full list of results can be seen here.

We have decided to go ahead with the Prediction League again this year even though we know we aren’t likely to sell as many as usual in the current circumstances. We feel that it is worth doing as it is popular and easy to run. If any of you are able to help us by selling any at your workplace, local pub etc., that would be greatly appreciated.

You can enter this year’s competition here.


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Awesome indeed! It was indeed an almost accurate prediction.

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Simon Hickling was an adept professional. The prediction was very close to winning so it was for sure no doubt already. Congrats! Contact us if you a request consultation

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27 October 2021 at 18:18 comment-delete

This is a good prediction already. Simon Hickling is a good player.

2 November 2021 at 09:45 comment-delete

It has been said that they will be leading the game. They have always been the best!

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Is there any way I'll know what this year's competitions looks like?

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